Purely Sourced

At Nord we believe in crafting products that are good for the body and the soul.

Our candles are made from locally sourced Rapeseed wax, a natural and sustainable plant that, unlike soy does not add to the global effects of deforestation and is not a genetically modified crop.

Rapeseed wax is more expensive to produce than both paraffin, which is a hydrocarbon and a bi-product of oil and petroleum refinement and soy wax which has become more popular due to the increased awareness of the health hazards surrounding paraffin candles. Rapeseed is not simply better for the environment, and your health, it is naturally whiter and burns longer and cleaner, no more soot stained candle containers!

Purely Scented

Many leading candle retailers use not only damaging paraffin wax but also chemical fragrance oils to scent their candles.

While the number and strength of the scents possible with fragrance oils in innumerable; for a truly relaxing, healthy and mood-modifying experience only pure essential oils will do.

At Nord we use our expertise in aromatherapy to produce blends of delicious essential oils that are not only heavenly to the nose but could provide a calming, or invigorating aroma for the body and soul. Not only this, but we're one of the few candliers worldwide who use the recommended, yet extremely generous 10% oil to wax combination. With scents such as amber and patchouli, jasmine and rose or cedarwood and ylang ylang your will enjoy the delicate scents and uplifting harmonies of Nord candles for hours to come.